Summer will be here soon and we all know what that means. Temperatures at 110 degrees and higher, air conditioners blasting, and vehicles heating up.

While most vehicles and boats can cool down relatively fast, it’s a different story for RVs. There is a considerably larger volume of air to cool in a motorhome or trailer and it might sometimes take an RV sitting in the sun well over an hour or two to get to a comfortable temperature. We all know that the sun can wreak havoc on a vehicles paint and with RVs, the vinyl on the roof and the sealant starts cracking and aging prematurely.

In addition, sustained high temperatures can cause some damage inside a travel trailer or motorhome as well. At high temperatures electronics can get damaged, adhesives start to fail, plastic items can become warped – not to mention what can happen to any spices, oils or food items left in the kitchen!

The solution: shade.

At Power RV Storage, our premium covered spots create up to 45 feet of shade to keep your motorhome, trailer or boat looking new and comfortable to use at any time of year. Many of our spots even have electric available so you can keep your batteries charged while your motorhome is parked for extended periods of time.

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